Data collection for Delaware County reassessment underway

Delaware County Council has contracted with Tyler Technologies Inc. to provide real property appraisal services for the County’s 2020 general reassessment. The reassessment, which was court ordered in March 2017, will be effective for the 2021 tax year. The project, which is being implemented through the county treasurer’s office, will utilize Tyler’s appraisal and street-imaging services. During the initial phase, Tyler will provide the county with detailed, high-resolution street level images, photographing properties from inside white vans which will be clearly marked. The images will only be taken from the street, and Tyler staff will not enter private property. The reassessment project includes data gathering, verification of data, establishment of assessed values and an opportunity to appeal. The digital images will improve the quality of visual data used by the county and Tyler appraisers. The project will also allow verification and correction of address discrepancies. To alleviate privacy concerns, images will not be taken of homeowners or children. For further information, residents can contact the treasurer’s office at 610-891-4879.
Source: Delaware County; 1/2018


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